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Netrategy is the trusted name in the field of digital marketing and online brand placement that facilitates a business in building a stronger brand value which helps in having meaningful relations with prospective consumers. Solving design issues is our forte and it helps us in delivering intelligent and engaging design solutions that will enable your business to secure its cause in a significant way.

We’ve been working with esteemed clients from all over the world, making thoughtful UI, purposeful mobile apps, receptive websites and engaging online portals.

Since inception Netrategy has been a dependable name as far as Design, Marketing and Development consulting is concerned. We believe in delivering profitable and worthy outputs that help our clients increase their brand value and profile reach.

Netrategy is born

Netrategy was born out of the need of businesses seeking world-class services while still working with a start-up budget.

Our first global client

The agency's development and contribution to the open-source community earned it its first publicly traded client overseas, launching Netrategy into the spotlight and opening the doors for other high profile accounts.

A Big Team

Netrategy enjoyed tremendous success and growth through its marketing efforts on behalf of its clients and became a national name and alternative to companies seeking strategic placement and exposure.

New goals

Netrategy Marketing capitalizes on its success stories to launch a new phase of its existence. Focusing on its design, development and marketing automation capabilities, the agency cements its position as a viable alternative to much larger outfits, while remaining personable, aggressively priced and client focused.


Creating a successful project starts with having an effective process. We design and develop everything entirely from scratch, exhaustively planning every aspect of the project from start to finish


This phase is all about understanding your pain points, your business environment and whether we can solve your problems. After an exhaustive analysis our team will recommend on a course of action. If you like what you have heard, we will formally start working together. Plan-software-Development-Process Plan


Depending on the recommendations, we will draw up a plan of action. During this phase we will work on the software requirements, the exact scope of the project, milestones and deadlines. We will keep you in the loop, and keep the plan flexible to account for any unforeseen circumstances.


This is when we execute the plan. Depending on the project requirements, we will use a variety of methodologies, like Agile or Waterfall during development. You will receive regular updates from the project manager during this phase so that you are up to date on the latest developments. This phase also includes extensive testing.


Deploy At this stage the deliverable is still not ready for end users. If it's a mobile app, it needs to be hosted on app stores and markets. If it's a web site or a cloud based product, it has to be uploaded on third party servers and configured for traffic. This phase will take care of the thousand and one little things before your product goes prime time.


Software is not forever. Your market will evolve, operating systems will get upgraded, traffic will grow and users will demand new features. These changes mean that your product will have to updated to cope with new requirements. We will maintain an engagement with you and ensure that the investment you have made in software development gives you the biggest bang for the buck.

 The name ‘Netrategy’ is a hybrid of the words 'Internet' and 'Strategy' . This fully integrated digital agency helps roll out the best Internet marketing solutions with a Strategic approach to get maximized ROI.

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